English Speaking Course

The lessons you'll be learning

  • Learn to speak English fluently and naturally about the vast array of daily subjects.
  • Learn to improve your English Speaking skills - learn to speak English well, as native speakers.
  • Expand the depth of English Language knowledge with thousands of new phrases and words.
  • Enhance English Listening skills by listening to the language.
  • Learn to improve English Vocabulary with online exercises for vocabulary.


Learn to speak fluent English comfortably in this distinctive English class, which is perfect for students who are who are at intermediate to pre-intermediate stage that are learning English (A2-B1). It will help you improve the quality of your overall English (speaking, listening, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation).

This Course Also Includes

Unique Step-by-Step Methodology: Each topic is based on the idea of a brief talk that is based on real-world English in which you be able to hear and watch how an native English speaker discusses this subject. After that, I will guide your through step-by-step through how required to be able to create your own speech. After each segment, you will be able to make an upload of your own short video.

  1. Check out the introduction of the subject
  2. Listen to an activity
  3. Find out this language with me in my speaking
  4. Vast vocabulary
  5. Vocabulary exercise
  6. Short presentation on subject
  7. You can do your own task.

As you work on the material you will become a master of English language required to talk fluently. Additionally, you will master English Grammar and English Vocabulary naturally.

Know Your Instructors

  • Expert English language instructors who have 20 years ofteaching experiences.
  • Master's Degree in Education.
  • INAsoft Solutions instructor since 2015 More than thirty thousand learnersin more than 160 nations.

This course is to be used for:

Anyone who wishes to confident in speaking about a range of subjects from everyday life.

Anyone who want to enhance their communication skills.